July Commission Update

Last month, I send DM to the UGEE staff if they are willing to sponsor me to review their product. The next day, they answered and they declined my offer.

UGEE is selling a much cheaper drawing monitor for the artist.
You can visit their website here: ugee.net/about/brand.html

UGEE staff was very polite and I’m so honored that they took the time to review my offer and praise my works. That point for me is much appreciated. However, the reason why they decline is that…my Youtube channel has no amount of followers (sigh). They like my works, and they really did! But they are actually looking for a much larger audience to promote their product such as Youtube and there’s no way they can invest their product to a person which has only 10 followers! I’m not bitter! If that’s what you wanna ask. But that move I made is a wake-up call for me. I need to pump up my Youtube channel. My skills are not enough these days to pursue my dreams. I need to be smart. I need to be more active online and do more stuff online not just by lurking around but to make a great stuff that will have a great impact on others, especially more videos. They decline because I lack social media presence. I have to solve it as soon as possible.

Today, I’m saving up to buy this UGEE 2150 to upgrade my old Bamboo Wacom pen and touch. This UGEE 2150 is many ways cheaper than Cintiq! And if I ever got the chance to have a money to buy this drawing monitor, I will do a digital painting using this.


Behold my Commission Batch 34! Woooot!!!

Commission Batch 34 by LarizSantos

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