This one is for :icontygerlander: and this is her Toriko OC Kmiko.

Profile can be seen
Done in Photoshop CS5, Paint Tool Sai and wacom bamboo tablet. Enjoy! :)

Ichiro Yamamoto Shikai


This one is for :iconscorch62msc: and this is his Bleach OC, Ichiro Yamamoto.

His profile sheet can be found here:
Any questions regarding to this character, don’t hesitate to ask the owner himself, scorch62msc.

Work in Progress:

Done in Sai and Photoshop CS6 using Wacom Bamboo tablet.
Thanks for the continuous support. Bless you always! Enjoy. :)
Ichiro Yamamoto © scorch62msc

Art © LarizSantos
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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