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Profile sheet can be found here:
Team C.O.S.C. – Cobalt – Catrina CovertName: Catrina Covert
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood Type: AB
DoB: February 22nd
Zodiac Symbols: Rat/Pisces
Appearance:  Catrina wears long camouflage pants with black and silver steel-toed boots, with a long black cloak that covers her neck and a large part of her body. This leaves only the frontal view of the lower part of her silver shirt with her black belt that has her insignia at the buckle. Her custom clips are located at the side of her waist, obscured in part by the cloak. Her eyes are midnight green and her hair is cobalt in color. The hair is braided in three locations, one near her left temple, on the opposite end of her slightly lifted bangs, and the other two are on either side, trailing in front of her ears down to her chest. The back of her hair is just below the neck.
Personality: Catrina mostly acts as the leader of the team, her focus and resolve in
Done in Sai, Photoshop CS5 using Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. Thanks for the comments and faves. Much love!

Catrina Covert © AffinityforAxiom
Art © LarizSantos
RWBY © Rooster Teeth

Samurai’s Last Stand



Moro Bankai2-redesign-FB


Commission 2/2 for :iconkirasdarklight: And this is her Bleach OC, Commander Takehiko Moro in his redesigned Bankai state!
To know more from this OC, kindly ask KirasDarkLight herself, :D

This is now his final transformation. Now he charges to the final battle.:D

Initial form

Info about the new bankai image:

The Earth Elemental Sword petrifies everything for a moment of time. Imagine Kira’s sword which doubles the weight of the opponent’s sword.
In Moro’s EES, when it touches the opponent, it leaves a small amount of mud that easily turn into stones, that part will eventually takes a greater amount of gravitational pull from the earth, that’s what I think. This is just for a moment. So Moro uses this chance to use his another sword, which is Fire Elemental Swordthat directly damages his enemy. With a successful hit of these combos, Moro gains counters(enough stock of reatsu) which he can use to go into his true bankai form, “The Samurai’s Wrath” (I suck at naming things, really). These counters represents a small glowing flags that hangs on his back, 3 counters are enough to go into his true form. He has a full control on it. He can activate it whenever he is fully decided to.

The fusion of his swords, creates a huge amount of damage to his enemy, the fire leaves everything in inferno and the earth’s massive force. Just note that, this form can only be used for only small amount of time. So Moro should be very careful to use it. He should enter to this mode if he knows exactly that he will win in the current battle. 

More from Commander Moro:

Done in Photoshop CS5, Paint Tool Sai, Bamboo Pen Tablet and coffee for inspiration. Enjoy!

Takehiko Moro © KirasDarkLight
Art © LarizSantos
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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