Takehiko Moro Bankai

Moro Bankai-redesign-FB

Commission 1/2 for :iconkirasdarklight: And this is her Bleach OC, Commander Takehiko Moro in his redesigned Bankai state!
To know more from this OC, kindly ask *KirasDarkLight herself, :D

More from Commander Moro:

Done in Photoshop CS5, Paint Tool Sai, Bamboo Pen Tablet and coffee for inspiration. Enjoy!

Takehiko Moro © *KirasDarkLight
Art © =LarizSantos
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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Legends will Burn Everything



This one is for :iconblazekagayaku: and this is for his Bleach FanFiction. Featuring his Bleach OC, Blaze Kagayaku and Korren both in their Final Forms.

To know more about this cover’s info, kindly check out his own copy of this. Thanks!

Done in Photoshop and Sai using Bamboo Pen and Touch.


Blaze Kagayaku & Korren © ~BlazeKagayaku
Artwork © =LarizSantos
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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