Paper App Sketch

This is a sketch that I’ve done in between breaks. Using Paper app on iPad.

Blessing in Disguise

Here it is, Manila Bulletin already posted the news about the winners in “On the Spot Comic Strip Contest”.

I was never the first placer, but being chosen as a 2nd placer was a blessing in disguise. Really expect the unexpected!

Pinsel Project @ Komikon 2012

Komikon 2012 is a blast!

Luckily I won in Manila Bulletin’s “On the Spot Comic Strip Contest”. 2nd place out of 50 contestants.


And 3rd placer on Komikon’s “Cover Recreation Contest”.

I will always be a fan…

With Sir Memer!


Sir Kris Sison: Creator of “Ninja GirlKo”


With Sir JB:


Sir JB and I last year at Komikon.


My wife, eiyeeeeeei!


More pictures can be seen here: Pinsel Project

Inazuma Kumo’s Bankai Madness

This one is for :icondarman05: ([link])

Inazuma’s Bankai Compilation! yeboi!

this includes bankai of the following Bleach OC such as:

Drazon Fukkashi

Blaze Kagayaku’s Blue Flame Mode:

And Amadalia moonsong:
(colored by ~silverfire113

Done in Sai and Photoshop with Bamboo tablet.:)

Thanks for the comments and faves! Ciao!

Inazuma Kumo © ~Darman05
Art © =lariz19
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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