Blessing in Disguise

Here it is, Manila Bulletin already posted the news about the winners in “On the Spot Comic Strip Contest”.

I was never the first placer, but being chosen as a 2nd placer was a blessing in disguise. Really expect the unexpected!

Pinsel Project @ Komikon 2012

Komikon 2012 is a blast!

Luckily I won in Manila Bulletin’s “On the Spot Comic Strip Contest”. 2nd place out of 50 contestants.


And 3rd placer on Komikon’s “Cover Recreation Contest”.

I will always be a fan…

With Sir Memer!


Sir Kris Sison: Creator of “Ninja GirlKo”


With Sir JB:


Sir JB and I last year at Komikon.


My wife, eiyeeeeeei!


More pictures can be seen here: Pinsel Project

Inazuma Kumo’s Bankai Madness

This one is for :icondarman05: ([link])

Inazuma’s Bankai Compilation! yeboi!

this includes bankai of the following Bleach OC such as:

Drazon Fukkashi

Blaze Kagayaku’s Blue Flame Mode:

And Amadalia moonsong:
(colored by ~silverfire113

Done in Sai and Photoshop with Bamboo tablet.:)

Thanks for the comments and faves! Ciao!

Inazuma Kumo © ~Darman05
Art © =lariz19
Bleach © Tite Kubo

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