Koushaku no Metaru Enkai_Dragon

This is for :iconnexusyuber:

Koushaku no Metaru Enkai

I’m glad that someone commissioned me to draw something like this! It’s like breathing in some fresh air, it’s very challenging and I have fun doing this piece. Nexus is highly known for his OC’s, especially Bleach.

To know more of this Zampakuto Spirit, visit his sheet here:[link]

Purely Photoshop with the help of my good old buddy, Bamboo Pen Tablet. :)

Work in progress:

Koushaku no Metaru Enkai © *NexusYuber
Art © =lariz19
Bleach © Tite Kubo

Bring Life 2 Bankai

This is the lineart for the contest.

This is the poster that I’ve done for it:


“Bring Life to Bankai”
Color & Writing Contest

I’ll be giving away Free Full painted piece and 3month membership so hope you’ll participate on this one, and have fun.

To learn more from this contest, visit this blog:[link]

Amadalia Moonsong © *Amadalia
Art © =lariz19
Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach) © Tite Kubo