Gemma Toshiko’s Bankai

One down for ~nanokatana :woohoo:

Today. I give you, Gemma’s Bankai!

“Gemma saves the data of his enemies through his Shikai, and processes it in his bankai. The result is a creature made up of some pieces of different bankai.

The union of the bankai is completely random, without a precise scheme. Gemma did not steal the bankai, but uses them to create the monster. This fusion Create a monster that can not recognize friends or enemy, the only thing that he recognizes is the destruction! ~nanokatana

Done in Photoshop & Sai, with the help of my old friend, Bamboo tablet.

Final image:


Coffee Day


Waking up with one goal. One dream.

Having fun with Canon SLR. Wish I had a videocam to have a long recording process. But anyways, enjoy!


Music © Two of Us (I am Sam Movie)

Mcdo Logo © McDonalds

The Arrival

Two shadows leapt through the trees in the forest around Serenity Lake. The only thing that broke the silence of the night was the sound of metal chains hitting against each other;

"Don't be impatient, Lucia." The one man said as he looked around curiously.

The man beside him sighed; both were hidden from view as they traveled through the trees.

"I'm not trying to be impatient Helen but we've been looking around here forever, if there was any trace of reiatsu the size you described then I'm sure we would of noticed" the other man said as he jumped through a tree which allowed the moonlight to reflect off his arm and revealed that his right arm had a series of metal bands that were connected together by steel chains and bound to his body.

"There!" Helen said as his eyes focused on an open area ahead of them...

Story © ~BlazeKagayaku
Helen & Lucia Kasashi © ~nanokatana
Art © *lariz19