As lay in bed and waiting for my “poof” to come. I made this one while suffering from diarrhea. Curse that antibiotic.

This piece is composed of 2 digital paintings I made, My portrait and a skull.

The idea was not originally from me.

This guy is sick when it comes from composing art. Well I envy this guy for his talent. Thumbs up for you, pal. Thanks for inspiring me and the other artist as well.

Enjoy this one. Thanks for visiting!

Here comes Ukanlos!

I’ve been playing this game for more than 200hrs+. Well at this stage, it’s time for me to face the greatest wyvern(?) in Monster Hunter Unite. Here comes, Ukanlos!

Digital painting using Photoshop CS5, then I shifted too Sai, for final rendering of colors. It took me 2nights for doing this piece.

Ukanlos is original Character from the Monster Hunter Unite by Capcom. Hope you like this fan art. Enjoy!

Screen shot  from the game:

Work in progress: