Empay Vector

Friday…I’m in nocturnal mode,again. I find it hard to get some sleep this past few days..I don’t know why. That night, so many thoughts that are running through my mind and I end up editing this picture, so I decided to do a vector, this time. It took me 5hrs to do this piece. Hope you like it.

Here is the picture:

If you’re new in vectoring pictures, this is not the good reference to make. Find something clear and have a high resolution.

Empay sneak peak

Oh my, my empay! I really love this girl and the raw sketch I made,  how it turned so great when i painted in  PS. And I made  some retouches in this piece. But sadly, I wont post the whole image for now. Some negotiations should be made between I and empay,.Much love!

Koya Rey

May 22, 2010. 11:00pm.

Another sleepless night, and for no reason at all, I grab my sketchbook and start to draw something. And I end up sketching the caricature of Kuya Rey,.Maybe I’m gonna use this in his profile. ^_^

Here it is:

Roz Vargas

Roz, for her upcoming birthday… I’m glad for having some free time to practice my sketching.And I feel sorry for the victim. =)

Subject: Roz, my officemate & a good friend of mine. I just rendered some details.

Platform: Adobe CS3, Watercolor & round soft brush

Listening: “Mustang” by Asian Kungfu Generation

Pacquiao Caricature

In this section, I’m gonna show you guys how to paint your caricature by using a Photoshop CS3 and a mouse. Yes, you heard it right. Im not using any pen tablet or other gadgets. Only by using the materials preferred by normal people like me. Err,. It’s not hard as it may look like but all you have to do is have a little, I mean, more patience for doing this. I have a lot of things to learn in digital painting so I want to have you guys as my critique as I polish my technique. It’s not only I will gain knowledge for this but for those who want to try this process as well. So let’s explore and learn more together. Thanks.

Subject: Manny Pacquiao
Technique: Caricature (on process : ] )
Materials: Photoshop CS3
Brush: Adobe Photoshop No. 63 brush (Opacity:20 Fill: 40. I also used round soft brush from time to time.)
Duration: Probably 8hrs with coffee breaks and hunting quest (Im currently playing monster hunter on PSP, c’mon guys, I need inspirations! *_*)

1. This is the sketch of Manny Pacquiao, when drawing this, I just let go of my hand. Flexible as it, as my mind think of the qualities of Manny. ( I hope!.)

2. Using photoshop, I created a new document, probably, a letter size and a 250 resolution. Any size that you prefer. Copy the sketch and paste in in your new document.
I just want to boost the lines of my drawing so I adjusted the lines by pressing (ctrl+L) to bring out the command levels.

3. With layer selected, I duplicate the layer (original sketch) so I can have a raw copy of it when everything messed up. Then I created a new layer and fill it with dark gray. This will serve as my midtones when painting the whole sketch.
And I created a duplicate of the sketch and the blending mode to “multiply”. This will help you see your sketch when painting the entire photo.

Your layer should look like this:

4. Create a new layer and name it “palette”. Obviously this will serve as your color guide in your whole painting process.

5. Then I create another layer over the dark gray layer. With layer selected, I started to paint the whole image.

6. Create another layer on top of the colored layer and name it highlight. all the light colors will be in this layer so it wont messed up when started to blend the whole thing, remember, you’re painting without a pen tablet, you’re using a mouse.

7. At this stage, i started to paint some details in the hand.

8. Adding some splatters and textures…

The final image.